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Name: Talisman Heros
Publisher: Talisman Heros
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Graphics: 3D
Client Size: 1584MB
Version: Ver 665
Published Date: 17-02-2019
Recommend: Super Fast
Download Client Download Patch (Ver.665)
Download Client Download Patch (Ver.665)
Download Client Download Patch (Ver.665)
We have received reports that virus are contained in our client by some anti-virus software.After repeated testing, we are sure that THERE ARE NOT VIRUS in our game files.. hope you can check it out and add our game to safe mode.
Painel Control> Update and Security> Windows Defender> Exclusions> Add a deletion> Delete a folder> Select Talisman Heros..

  • Please IGNORE THE ALARMS of some anti-virus software, or you can close your anti-virus software when you install the game client or when you play.

  • If your computer is Windows 7/8 / Vista, excute the game in "Run as Administrator".